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Eileen Hulse

Eileen Hulse has been helping buyers, sellers and those needing property management services for over 40 years. She has extensive knowledge of the local areas and markets as she helped many developers and builders over the years as Encinitas and surrounding areas were built up.  Not only does she have knowledge in real estate but also the appraisal business.  Her business partner of over 30 years was a highly qualified appraiser who routinely was hired by attorneys to be their expert and she was his “right hand man” completing much of the research. 

From stigma and construction defect, to valuing unusual properties with no real comps, she is a wealth of knowledge and primarily acts as the company’s consultant as well as maintaining great client relations with past and present clients.

An active volunteer in the community, she is rarely home unless it is to spend time with her grandkids, family or friends.   She loves her dog Rascal and is a world traveler.  Her most recent trips have been to Israel, Russia and Europe. 

She is here to help support all of our clients however they need.